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Pursuing a Wrongful Death Case

A Wrongful Death lawsuit is an action brought on behalf of a deceased person’s beneficiaries when it is believed the death was caused by the negligent or wrongful act of another.  If your loved one, such as a spouse, parent or child has died and you believe the death was caused by the wrongful or negligent act of an individual or company, you may have a wrongful death action to pursue. 

It is important to contact an attorney as soon as possible.  Attorney Mark Gilling has handled numerous wrongful death cases and has the expertise and experience to assist you.

If during your free consultation we determine you have a case we can pursue, you may have the option to proceed on a contingency fee basis.  This means you can have the peace of mind knowing no attorney fees would be paid to us unless we obtain a settlement or judgment on your behalf.  Any costs such as filing fees and expert fees would be paid by us up front, and reimbursed from any settlement funds or judgment received after the case has been resolved.

If you believe you or a loved one has a wrongful death case, don’t delay.  Contact Gilling Legal Group today to preserve your rights and pursue compensation you may be owed.  Call (480) 455-5041 to set up your free consultation.


An Attorney that Gives Your Case Personal Attention

With nearly 20 years experience in the practice of personal injury law, we have the knowledge and experience to represent you.

What Our Wrongful Death Clients Are Saying

  • My son suffered a catastrophic brain injury in a car accident in 2005 when a tire separated and the SUV he was riding in rolled over. We contacted Mark, who actually went to the scene of the accident and located the pieces of the defective tire. Mark would even come to the hospital to meet with us. He obtained a settlement that paid off all my son's medical expenses and will allow him financial freedom for the rest of his life. As an attorney myself I was very satisfied with Mark's services. Mark always treats you like he cares!

    Tamara P. (Mesa, AZ)Personal Injury Client

Case Results for Previous Clients

  • $3 million, construction accident
  • $3 million, worksite accident
  • $5.1 million, tire defect
  • $1.5 million, tire defect
  • $1.5 million, vehicle defect
  • $1 million, vehicle defect
  • $2.25 million, breach of insurance
  • $2.75 million, construction fraud
  • $1.85 million, construction fraud
  • $2.5 million, breach of insurance
  • $2.5 million, breach of insurance
  • $1 million, breach of insurance

Mark Gilling, Personal Injury Lawyer

Mark Gilling founded the Gilling Legal Group in 2011 with an eye towards helping the seriously injured better face the companies or individuals who harmed them and receive the compensation they deserve. Having practiced law for more than twenty years, Mr. Gilling has the knowledge and experience to stand up to the corporations and insurance companies and fight for his clients.


Relevant Head Injury Experience

We have handled numerous wrongful death cases.  With more than 20 years of experience in the practice of law, Mr. Gilling has the knowledge and experience to represent you.

History of Getting Results

Recoveries for our clients over the years include several multi-million dollar cases. We strive to achieve a balance between the best possible result for every client while keeping costs as reasonable as possible.

Free Consultation & Review

You or your loved one will receive an initial consultation free.  We will listen to and evaluate the facts surrounding your injury and determine whether we can proceed with your case.

Mr. Gilling Drives to You

If you or your loved one are injured or in the hospital, do not hesitate to call.  We come to you at the hospital or at your home. We care about working with your difficult circumstances.